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    Default "New Posts" --> "Thread Tools" -- bug?

    I was browsing the "New Posts" lists.

    clicked on one of the "New Posts" (say "X"), which came up as usual.

    Used "Thread Tools" to "subscribe" to the thread (worked as usual)


    My browser's "Back" button will not return me to the "New Posts" thread. It had lost everything prior to the display of post "X".

    Just a glitch? or a repeatable problem? Or "it was always like that . . . " ?


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    When you subscribe it automatically redirects you from the subscription options to the thread that you were viewing. When you try to back up you run into that redirect. You can click your back button twice quickly when you hit that, you can (in most browsers) hold the back button down and select to go back to the search, or you could just click "new posts" again.

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