David and I are planning to work on the site this weekend to do some very necessary upgrades. I say "planning" instead of "will be" because he's currently a little under the weather and if that gets worse we'll delay our work. (btw, David says sending him whiskey will help, LOL... so he's not in that bad of shape, yet!)

Anyway, plan on the site (meaning the main site, the forum, chat, email, etc) being down the entire weekend... it likely won't, but plan on it anyway. This means if you have some time sensitive PM's or emails that need to be taken care of, do it before midnight Friday night EDST.

If you find the site up during the weekend, don't rely on it staying up unless we've posted a notice that we're done... testing may necessitate bring the site up and taking it down repeatedly. So, any posts you make in these transitional intervals will probably be lost.