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    Default If I wanted to sell small quantities of shaving soap to members, how should I proceed

    I have a question for the moderators, I've been lurking here for a little while. I'm mostly a DE shaver but occasionally use a straight, and this site has been a good ressource.

    I'm also a hobbyist soap maker. Recently i've been marking small batches, around one pound for my personal use, but since I like to try new scents and recipes, I end up using two soaps, and having 5 to 10 to unload lol

    So far, i've sold about a dozen on my soaps on ebay and a few more on another shave forum (B&B). My goal is to get as many comments as possible to improve my recipes and another goal is mostly just to finance my various acquisition disorders. I recently bought a 2011 Muhle R41 with the profit of a batch of soap. It also helps to pay for the ingredients needed for making my every day shaving soap, and the bath soaps we use at home.

    If i'm making and selling maybe 10-15 pucks of home made soap a month, should I be using the classified, or should I be applying for vendor status? I'm thinking i'm just too small to consider myself a vendor, but I don't want to break any forum rules by posting a couple times a month in the classifieds.

    thanks in advance for your help.

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    Welcome to SRP. You may want to PM "gssixgun" aka Glen to inquire about becoming a vendor here. As for posting in the classifieds, there are requirements that have to be met first, ie length of time being a member here and number of posts, that sort of thing. Hope this helps.
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