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It is the nature of things that people who have a poor experience tend to be more motivated to share that experience than people who've had a positive experience. However, I've found here on SRP that people tend to jump to defend vendors they've had a good experience with.

The problem that was pointed out in the thread that brought on this idea, was that because there is no negative feedback concerning vendors there is no way to really tell if a vendor is a good option or not (more particularly, if a vendor has ceased to be a good option). So the idea is for a place where people can express their specific experience in an un-impassioned way, take it or leave it.

You would undoubtedly have some uninformed or poor reviews; ie a newbie who buys a razor and proclaims how great it is without having really used it, or the same who claims a razor wasn't honed right when they've never shaved before. But if experience holds true, you'll have more people who will then step in to share their positive (or at least better informed) experiences.

Including in the review rules a statement of length of performance might avoid most of the "I just got this and it's great/horrible!" posts. And a forum like this might stem some of the thread creation traffic from new members asking "Is this a good razor/brush/soap/site?" Allowing us to focus more on welcomes and technique trouble shooting. I know at one time this was something many of the old timers were lamenting.

Thanks for your reply Jimmy. I hope this post comes across as explaining the thought and not defending or lobbying the idea. I hope it can be worthwhile, but if not I won't be pouting over it.

It does appear that we are very complimentary of vendors of traditional wetshaving equipment, but the reason is because those of us who never heard of anything other than the multiblade razors and canned foam available at WalMart and drugstores are unfamiliar with their products and they have to educate us a bit. We find that their items are so much better to use, we're grateful, and have good things to say about them. Prices are generally close, which means that prices reflect actual costs. I have had a conspicuous lack of problems dealing with online shaving vendors. Perhaps the best thing they do is steer clear of offering of some of the poorer quality equipment that could make a shaving experience miserable. Probably this is a somewhat unique situation where high marks industry-wise are deserved.

Members frequently start threads asking an opinion about something they are thinking about buying, and they get lots of helpful feedback.

Rip-offs and deals offered by non-knowledgeable sellers on ebay are frequently discussed.

We have goods and services offered for sale by individual members in the Classifieds, which presents an alternative means of acquiring products. Probably most things I've acquired have been from this avenue. Often a seller will say how a razor shaves or explain why he has decided to sell it, which makes me feel like I get a better feel for it before the sale.

I honestly think through continued participation here that you will acquire the kind of perspective you are suggesting.