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Thread: Soaps. How long...

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    I just ordered 6 pucks of Sterling to play with different scents. At 80+ bucks its hard to beat. Now if i can get the wife to buy the MDC for Christmas i will be set for two more years, so 2024 - 25.
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    It's just Sharpening, right?

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    I have been transferring many of the older ones to the shower as of late..

    My new rule, if I can't identify the soap and the scent they head to the shower

    ps: High-quality products I have no problem identifying hmmmmm
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    I know there are shaving fanatics out there who buy, trade and raffle off soaps and thereby get to try many different soaps in a short time. Iíve found a handful that I really like and canít see the point of getting even more.

    For me, performance is important and since my nose doesnít work that well, scent isnít. My go to soaps are, MdC, PannaCrema, TOBS Sandalwood and Cyril Salter Sandalwood. I have others in the drawer that I try occasionally and a TABAC stick for travel.
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