I've been using Dr. Bronner's Shave Soap exclusively for a couple of years. The product is notorious for not lathering well and/or drying too soon and forming a sticky film. I was using Kiss my Face Moisture Shave, my favorite, but my local Sprouts and Whole foods stopped stocking that product. So I came up with an alternative.

If you are a fan of Dr. Bronner's products, but have given up on the shave soap, here is a fix I came upon: try adding a squirt or two of Dr. Bronner's Hand and Body lotion to the soap in the bowl or mug (I use the unscented soap and a scented version of the lotion). You will have to experiment with the proportions.

I've found that this works very well with a brush, it prevents the lather from prematurely drying on the face, and provides more cushion as well as lubrication. It's a great improvement over the original product. Of course this adds to the cost. In that case realize that Dr. Bronner's "Shave Soap" and "Sugar Soap" are exactly the same product.

But the sugar soap in the larger container is the better buy.