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Thread: Prorasso Blue

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    I actually came late to the Proraso party when I started wet shaving. My first choices were the big names out of the UK. And my first choice is still DR Harris. But I have to say that Proraso makes a DAMN fine product. I just used the blue today for the first time and loved it. It just kind of smells like......soap I guess. I’ve been using the red for a few months and love it as well. I have still yet to try the standard green. The blue seemed very slick. The lather was great, leaves your skin feeling great. And there is just a hint of the scent left behind, just like the red. For the $10 it costs, I really don’t think you can beat Proraso. There are luxury brands three and four times the price and they are awesome. But for day to day use, you really get your money’s worth with Proraso. Try the blue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silents View Post
    JUST DO IT!!!!!!

    *******Arm twisted******
    ok i did it , used it today , i really like this stuff !! i got some super lather out of it and i really like the way it smells ... kinda a freash smell that isnt to strong on me but just enough to know its there !!!!

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