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Thread: The Accident (A down and dirty)

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    Wednesday's Doctor's appointment wasn't the quantum leap forward I was hoping for but it was not without its victories. By nature I'm a very restless and impatient person. Truth be told I was likely given this challenge to fix that. Slowly but surely I'm learning that this (and many other things in life) take as long as they take. Becoming frustrated, or bitching about it won't speed the process but will make me negative, grouchy and a complete misery for everyone around me.

    The splint and walker will apparently be with me until mid September. The bone has begun to grow back together and I was given some exercise to start gradually bringing flexibilty back to my knee and losen my right hamstring. After being in the same position for over a month, both are pretty stiff to say the least. So a couple times a day I unlock the splint's knee restrictor and do some exercises. I can feel range of motion getting a little better and the tightness decreasing a little more with each time I do the exercises.

    The doctor also said I could start driving which I did for the first time today. Getting in and out of the truck was the biggest challenge (it sits a bit higher than my wife's car) but after a bit of practice it became a piece of cake. Once I'm in the truck and have secured my walker, I unlocked the knee restrictor, adjusted the seat and pedals accordingly and away I went. It was wonderful to drive again. I've not been so tickled about driving a couple miles to a 7-11 since I was 16 I was also cleared to go back to work on Monday. Not a minute too soon 60% paydays were becoming quite a challenge.

    So yeah, I won't be riding my bike to the beach this weekend but ultimately even the little victories came together to be a pretty substantial step towards my life getting back to normal. I've got to be very careful not to push too hard. I was warned that too much too soon can undo the healing that has begun. If that happens it would need to be repaired surgically and I'd get to start all over again. Thanks but no. I have all the bills I need for the moment and I've done a lifetime supply of sitting on my butt and doing nothing in the last month and a half. My bill for rehab alone could have bought me a brand new Harley Fat Boy and God knows how much cool shaving stuff. Hospitals don't work cheap. For what they charged me I should have had steak and lobster every night for dinner with a pitcher of pina coladas. I'm beginning to wonder if it wouldn't have been cheaper to cut the damn thing off
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    Stick with it old buddy!
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    I've a couple of long recoveries. Takes intestinal fortitude and desire.

    Good luck and keep us posted.
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