No, I'm not talking about brush acquisition disorder; although most of my brushes have seen better days. I'm talking about BIKE Acquisition Disorder. So I recently replaced the bike that was destroyed in the accident. It's not easy for me to admit but believe it or not, after being hit by a car and flying over the roof, I was a bit gun shy (OK...totally freaked out) about riding in traffic. So the idea to develop some sort of off-road capability began to emerge. I ordered up a fat bike (that should be here next weekend) so that makes two horses in the stable at Casa GI.

This one:

And next weekend, this one: Name:  Fat Bike.jpg
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Then this morning, I fell in love with a cheap beach cruiser. Most cycling purists would scoff at this bike that costs a fraction of what they pay for their cycling shorts (you know the ones with imported Himalayan chamois but pads). Scoff if you like but my ride today on this thing was an absolute blast. What it lacks in speed, sophistication and "look what I can afford" it more than makes up with comfort, smile factor and just plain old nostalgic glee. Today's ride harkened back to the bike rides of my childhood. I rode because I could. The bike was a tool for me to experience the world. How fast, how light, how many watts, RPMs, all that superfluous stuff went out the door I was cruising and having fun, it was a beautiful day and I was out enjoying it. I didn't solve the world's problems but I did succeed in doing some mental houskeeping and getting some vitamin D on a beautiful day at the park/beach. Here's my new fling. Kinda of retro thing she is. Seems appropriate for a guy who wears a handlebar stash and shaves with a straight.