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    Default Athletic shoes for flat feet

    Any suggestion for athletic shoes? I have flat feet. Not completely flat, but my arch is less than most people, so I need extra support in my shoes.

    Does anyone else have flat feet?
    Any suggestion for shoes with good support?

    Someone mentioned this review site here: do they have the right suggestions?


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    Have a read through this and you shouldn't go wrong.

    Best Running Shoes For Flat Feet Reviewed in 2017 | RunnerClick

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    It's also helpful to toss out the $0.05 piece of crap foam inserts sport shoes normally include and go with something aftermarket that actually conforms to your foot and provides more than minimal support. Expect to pay $20 or more, but your feet will be better off.

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    A good arch support as Speedster suggested is key. Try both the inflexible (hard plastic) and soft ones. You may prefer the feel of one over the other. Also try a couple of different running shoe brands - although they all have shoes for different runner types, there are subtle differences such as toe box size, sole material, support at the back of the foot that all contribute to differences in feel and comfort. Try Altra shoes - they have a curved toe box that I like. Good luck!

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    I recommend getting a good arch support. In picking shoes, remember that it's simiar to straight razor, as faces are different so are feet. In my experience running (I have flat feet, used to do triathlons) the Brooks Beast was my favourite. It's heavy, so I used it as a trainer especially for long distances. But I've had good experiences with other brands too, like Reebok, Asics and New Balance (the 580 is a good budget but they have fancier ones) Go to a good store where the people who sell shoes are runners, and try them all until you feel comfortable. Good Luck.
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    I used to jog wearing very old Adidas tennis shoes. No arch support or whatever and did well.
    After the so manieth nag from the missus I chucked them and went to a specialised athletic foot wear shop. They made me run and videotaped me in the act. Sold me shoes that correct my valgus ankles. Have suffered plantar fasciities twice now and had to stop running.
    So keep it cheap and cheerful!
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