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Thread: paddle strop confiscated at airport

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    Quote Originally Posted by bouschie View Post
    That's pure B.S.
    If that's the case the telescopic handle on a carry on can be used as a shank. A shoe laces to strangle someone. A couple of TSA luggage locks in a sock as a black jack.
    I bet he just wanted it for himself.
    Yeah that is most likely the case, sounds like its just a treasure hunt through people's stuff.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mglindo View Post
    TSA Security is overrated!
    X Rated you mean. Someone's grandmother very recently brought a lawsuit against the TSA over a forced strip search (panty liner bombs now?). What a sad, awfully corrupt state of affairs honestly.
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    Dude, that sucks!
    Why I pay and pack to check the straights in my travel strop kit. Never risk carry on ‘shopping’ by security.
    And just so all of you know, the seatbelts on aircraft connect to the seat frame by carabiners so they can be removed, and made longer quickly for super robust passengers.

    A clever passenger can quickly remove said seatbelt and slide the buckle to the very end, have a very effective mace in hand. Would come in handy if you are ever on a flight that falls into passenger induced distress.
    Just saying men..
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    Sorry for your bad luck, Dude-Maybe they thought it was some kind of kinky paddle toy they could use on each other after their shift. If it makes you feel any better, I've been pulled aside for enhanced inspections all over the world: Berlin, London-you name it. Maybe I look like a terrorist? In Berlin the very professional agent feeling me up said, "Don't worry, I'm married." Got my bags opened and sniffed for bombs in London, stopped and sniffed by dogs for drugs in Christchurch, New Zealand-Kiwis are SERIOUS in Customs, but cool most everywhere else.

    Never had anything more serious than a forgotten chocolate milk taken from my carry-on, though. (But then again, when I travel I only take my Gillette Sensor for shaving, and that in checked luggage).
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    First of all, I am sorry for the loss. Have you made your set whole again or not? I would try to get some stuff to you if you are in need. Paddles/looms are my preferred traveling strop and I have picked up "ehem" a few extras. I have flown with paddles of all sorts. never had any confiscated. I had a guy ask about it one time. I took the leathers off and simply said my personal life wasn't for discussion. But, that is the only time I've had any questions asked. Let's just say last year I flew enough to keep my status above average; in the last twelve months, I've been flying two days out of every week mosty international.

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    But foot long knitting needles are good to go. ����♂️ I think I might rather have a knitting needle for self defense.

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