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    Default Do I need a new strop?

    Hi there,

    I am a newbie and I need to know if I need a new strop or not. The one that I am currently using is a Dovo Russian leather strop with a linen side. The problem is that I had it from years ago, then it was in storage folded over for a long time, and now I am giving the straight razor shaving another try. I would post photos, but the flaws are hard to get in the pics. Basically there are warps in the both the length and the width of the strop. The warps along the length are not so much a problem because they flatten out when I pull on the strop. The warps that curve along the width of the strop are a pain though. This means that as the razor is running along the length of the strop, it is only touching in the center (about an inch) and then higher up the strop, it is the opposite, it only touches the edges of the strop, about a half inch on either side. ALSO there is a crease in the leather from where it was folded over, and I can feel it through the razor as I run it over the strop. All of this is a pain, since I am a beginner, and it is difficult enought trying to learn correct stroping technique, without these extra variables thrown into the mix.

    So, should I get a new strop? It was about 75$, so I hate to get rid of it. I was thinking of keeping it for the linen side, if the leather side is shot. Either that, or maybe on of the pros here would know a way to restore it?

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    If its in such a bad condition I'd try to soak it, then nail it straight onto a board, putting a tiny bit of conditioner (oil) on and let it dry slow.
    If that doesn't work, chuck.

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    Default Dude!

    Of course you need a new strop!

    And whatever you do hang on to the leather. It will come in handy.

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    Stop using it!!! It could damage your edge. try to get it straight but it is a long shot, probably best to get a new one. Especially being new you need things to be perfect to learn right.,

    Good Luck

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    I would get a new strop. After that I would take the old one and take the clip off of the top. Get a couple of pieces of 1x4 board and a few small C clamps. lay the strop between the boards and clamp it. Forget you have it and check it in a month. However long it takes. Check every so often. If it comes back to flat you could use it as a spare or as a pasted strop.
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