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    Default Strop Substrate for .1 Cerium Oxide or .125 CBN 120K

    What substrate to use to strop with Cerium Oxide .125 CBN 120K? I seems anything I use will be more coarse than the paste.

    I am experimenting with a progression of .5 Dia, - .5 CrO, - then the .125 CBN or the .1 Cerium Oxide. Just trying to tone the blade down a bit.

    I really hope I can get this to work. I really don't know which would be better, the CBN or CeOx? Would they work on a paddle felt, how do you mix them?

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    For your .125 CBN, glue a piece of blemish-free leather onto a ceramic tile or thick balsa wood. Then spray the leather lightly with the CBN. Should work well as a bench strop if you spray CBN LIGHTLY.
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