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Thread: Newbie strop/paste explanation

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    Try some MAAS on a piece of cardboard or go to a fabric store and buy a length of Poly / Nylon strapping. Buy the widest you can find with the tightest weave like a seat belt. A yard should be under 5 bucks.
    Paste that with some Mass or any abrasive metal polish, I believe they are all a mix of cerium and alum oxide. Flitz it is nonabrasive. You will be surprised at the results.

    Do not use an old seatbelt, they will have too much grit in them.

    I once pasted a razor daily for over a year with Maas on a fine weave nylon strop, looking for rounding. What I found was a very nice shaving edge, keen & comfortable. I got bored.
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    From a guy that knows a thing or two about razors....Watch this video:

    Explains strops and pasting pretty darn good!
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