Hello everyone, hope you are all in good health. Me and Mrs. Crescent managed so far to dodge the Covid. Our security guy came down with it, pulled through okay, and a couple of my neighbors from the marina who are sailing around the Caribbean these last few months came down with it, quarantined in FL and recovered. Nobody else that we know, and we have both got our first shots of the Moderna vaccine. Second and final shot scheduled for April 1st.

I am almost out of GD66, and the few that are left are being sold on fleabay. Getting low on the P81, and the factory is trying to gouge me on the price so I haven't ordered more. Cici says it is because of the exchange rate. I told her okay, I will order when the exchange rate improves, just let me know when she wants to sell me some at the price I have been paying. I still have a lot of Gold Monkey 666, and GD208 razors.

I just today received 10 stainless steel Gold Dollar 200 from a Chinese reseller, I didn't want to commit to buying 100 from the factory, which is the minimum order for most of their razors. Unfortunately while honing the first one I noticed cracks in the scales at the pivot, and when I unboxed and inspected the rest, I found another. Not a big deal, normally, but I paid full retail for these, so Monday I will see about a refund or replacement. Anyway apart from that the first one was looking pretty good. I expect to sell these at a few bucks more than the popular 208 and P81. If they sell, and if I like how they hone and shave, and feedback is good on them, I will order 100 more from the factory.

A few days ago I placed a factory order for 100 of the near mythical GD800 stainless steel razors. I expect them to sell for probably somewhere in the area of $45 each, shave ready. They are pretty hard to find retail, so I shouldn't have any trouble selling them. Cici has also promised me some samples, particularly the stainless GD300. There is a certain unreasonable reluctance in the wannabe newbie market to buy carbon steel razors, and you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him buy a razor that he is afraid will rust, so I thought I would try catering to the primary market for the GD brand by offering some stainless models alongside the carbon steel ones.

I recently evaluated some Titan razors, three different models, and I just didn't feel the love. The factory isn't selling them at a price I can work with, either. I have been asked why I don't sell Titan, and that's the main reason.

I will be scaling back on the website, because my ebay sales are doing well and the process is quite streamlined on the bay. The website which is hosted by Weebly does not take Paypal and I have to print shipping labels manually. I may shut it down entirely by the end of the year, not sure. Anyway if you don't see something you want, look for me on ebay.