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Thread: When Is Enough Enough

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    Default When Is Enough Enough

    I have been working on this one for quite awhile now. An hour or two here and an hour or two there. I've spent more time on it than I would care to admit. I got it in a razor lot and every razor in the lot has seen the buffers. Some looked like they were barely touched(and didn't need to be touched) and some that went through a few grits. This one looked like it was hit with coarse grit and left a few spots looking lumpy especially along the spine and rounding the edges. Took me forever to sand it down to look fairly smooth and even and to sharpen the edges some. Even though I removed alot of the pitting and most of the scratches there is still some, but I have spent far to much time on this one so I gave up. The pitting on the tang is too deep to remove it all without losing the stamp. Anyway the razor is a Joseph Elliot Best Silver Steel. It is 13/16 at the widest point and tapers down to about 5/8. The toe rounds up some. Turned out better than I thought. If I had the equipment it probably could have turned out better in alot less time, but have to make do doing it by hand. If it wasn't a near wedge there would be no way I would have gotten rid of as much of the scratches and pitting as I did. Now for some scales, but I think I will set it aside for now and take a break.

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    Sometimes you have just got to stop and leave a little pitting. It looks real good as it sits. A layer or two of tape on the spine after rescaling and hone it up.
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    Clean pitting is not an issue to me. There are so many that in order to get it all out you really need a belt sander or to be incredible with the buffer. I have seen some work here that makes me say wow you did that with a buffer. Non of those pieces are mine. I too leave the really deep stuff behind, because I don't have the required skill on the buffer nor a belt sander. I do try to push my skills as far as I can and perhaps some day I may make it there, but not today. I think some show of age if fine. My big pet peeve is dirty pitting. I do work very hard at getting the black all out. I see nothing wrong with the level you have taken then to. If you can get a nice even satin finish it will be beautiful.
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    OMG I feel your pain as I have been working a whole day on a similar blade WB near wedge. I don't have a buffer yet and worked on it with sandpaper through a few grits, it was a real rust bucket of a blade but edge was sound. I hope to make this one as pretty as yours. I would be happy with what you have pictured. Here is my progress atm.Name:  20150307_184645.jpg
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    That when scaled and honed will look good. I have noticed that when i'm working on a blade I worry about things that no one else will. But because I know it's there it worries the crap out of me. When you get to a point that you like then that's enough. Remember your the one that needs to be happy with the razor no one else. you do know that some times a little spot or two gives it character. Anyway I think it looks great.
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    Don't beat yourselves up on it not looking "professionally" restored. I don't have a great selection of equipment to use on sanding/ buffing my razors either. I make do with what I have. I've spent many hours on a few razors and get them to a point where I know I can shave with them. One day they will be sent off to be restored or maybe one day I'll get more toys to use. Rome wasn't built in a day...... One step at a time.... And besides..... When you are doing the sanding/ buffing by hand...... You bond with your razor more. You will know every little area on it. The parts that gave you trouble, etc..... The good, the bad and the ugly in the beginning.
    JSmith1983..... you razor looks very nice thus far...... Keep at it! I can't to see it when you place scales on it......

    Razorfaust..... Yours is one the way to looking great too...... Enjoy the progression..... Step by step....

    If you got the time to work on it. If not and you have the finances to have it done by a pro...Go for it! I know my limits too. Some things are beyond my limited skills and equipment I have.

    Main thing is.... you have to like how it looks. If it doesn't meet your fancy, keep at it...... Ask questions or send it out.

    Both blades look nice to me...... take the breaks as needed. It will get to the point of beauty that you desire in time. Enjoy the this part of the process. Make it look pretty...... And shave with it!!!!
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