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Thread: Drilling scales with a Dremel?

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    I Think a point most people miss is:Buy the proper tool that will do the best job,Good tools are a liftime investment,(buy once,cry once)
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    I use this little press for scales. It is not professional equipment. I have one full size press and 3 bench mounts. The HF press is just fine for scales.

    Tab Coupons

    I doubt this would be cost effective to ship to you, but it might be worth checking.

    I found out it is best to buy the repair/replacement warranty they offer. If you return it before it expires you can walk out with a new one. The employee told me to bring it back even if it works. I mark the date on the box and put the receipt inside. I have done this 4 times now. you can even buy the plan again and get another new one in a year.

    I would definitely check flea markets and estate sale.

    A press makes it a lot easier.

    For drilling scales I use a very dense sponge. It allows for the scales to be stable. I just hold the scales with a little pressure on the sponge. This keeps them from moving and works well
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    The little HF drill press is a winner for light work. Only problem is that it has only five speeds and none of them are really what I want at any given time. Still, a lot of bang for the buck specially with a coupon.Make sure the chuck spins around exact drill wobble. If not, take it back!
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    Also, take the time to assure that the table is exactly perpendicular to the drill spindle. I forgot when i got a new one. Not enough to notice by Mk I eyeball but enough to screw things up in thicker stock.
    PS. they have a 90 day warranty out of the store. Get to now your HF people; people!
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    Amazon has it on sale for $60 as well. It's very tempting
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    Last tool I bought that wasn't quality, I was 20 my dad then told me that good quality tools don't really cost you , they save you money or make you money. O getting the right tool that is of good quality , does save time money and lasts for a long time ,, but remember that the highest price isn't always the best quality. Tc
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    I've used my Dremel drill press many times for restoration work and it does work. As mentioned before, though, there are better tools.
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