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    Default new to razzors but not new to sharpening of shears

    I started getting interested in this because a barber, a elderly Chinese one at that asked me to try and sharpen his. I used something I use in shear sharpening but it diden't work. I do use the Norton 4000/8000 which I see widly used on you tube (where I have a few vidios under scissor sharpening) But I'm all new to this. I've done some stropping but have achieved no where near the one hair test. Apreciate any tips or encouragment. I'm in northern Va. love to chat on the phone write me at


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    Welcome to SRP! There is a lot of info regarding honing razors here in the SRP wiki. Also tutorial videos here. I imagine you will get the hang of it sooner then later. It is especially rewarding to shave with a straight razor that you have honed to shave ready with you own hands.
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    Welcome to the SRP!

    Your skills will help you a great deal in learning to hone a str8 razor so it should not take you to long to pick it up. Watch the video's, they will help a lot. In the past I have given lessons via the Internet using Skype and a wedcam and have also spent time with guys who have called me on the phone. I am sending you a PM with my phone #. Call any time.
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