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    Default Anyone using "brush plating" in razor restoration?

    In reading about "brush plating" it seems reasonable the technique could be used to restore gold on tangs, etc. It occured to me that worn finishes on scale inlays (eg, lettering like C-MON, Bismarck, Otto Deutsch, etc.) might also be restorable using the (relatively) inexpensive brush plating systems (~$40 from Caswell). However, I'm not sure what the material in the scale inlay is... The couple samples in question for me look like they are probably nickel plated over copper or brass. Could it be silver? Does anyone know and has anyone experimented with this technique??

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    I have wondered the same thing for a few months. When I get some spare cash I will be giving it a try myself. A brass plated tang and spine would look really cool!
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