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    Default Satisfaction!!

    Here is a great example of why I continue to enjoy the straight razor
    world. A member sent me a razor that was his fathers and it was way
    tarnished and rusted. You could hardly see the etching on the blade.
    the handle was a mess as well. I was able to clean up the blade enough
    to see that the etching was the fathers name and actually got the
    razor in nice looking shape. Still has a patina from age that will
    always be there. I put a new handle on it and honed it and now it goes
    back to our member. I just think it's too cool to be able to restore
    an old razor with this kind of meaning for someone. I can only imagine
    how it would feel to be able to shave with your father's razor and
    then be able to hand that one down as well. Gotta Love it!! Lynn

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    My, my; I'm getting misty.

    I saw a strop on ebay last month. It was an old Illinois 700A which had belonged to the barber who used to cut his fathers hair before and after WW II. In the item description he gave the barbers name, old shop address, how the strop came into his possession and included a quote from one of the letters his father had sent to the barber during the war.

    Anyone with a strop or razor with a pedigree like this is a lucky shaver in my book. Start keeping track of those razors, boys!


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