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Thread: Making Bolsters

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    Default Making Bolsters

    I was tearing down some of the damaged razors in my recent buy and noticed the bolsters were very thin 0.007-0.010 inch. They were too badly corroded.

    I think they could be made by the same ferric etching process as circuit boards. I have a lot on my plate or I would look into in further.
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    Sounds like a great idea, with some of the masking teniques you could make some really cool looking designs.


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    I've thought the same thing, and I'm in the same boat with too much on my plate. Like others, I save every part of any razor that's broken, including bolsters.

    I assume you're talking about an etching system like THIS?

    I've thought about rolling some bolters completely flat to recreate the pattern then etch some of them out. I agree, I think it would be simple and effective.

    I'm a sucker for "fit and finish". Although I think bolters look good when they're glued on top of a scale surface, I think they look better when they're flush with the surface. Achieving that type of result brings on a different set of challenges which I have not played around with yet.

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