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    Default engraving restore

    anyone has ever tried to restore the steel engravings on the razor? I do not mean just those on the tang but also the finest on the blades..
    In case , what method has been used?

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    First off, to be more correct, the design work which is sunken into the steel on the blades is most generally done by etching (steel eaten away in an acid bath). I don't know of any blades where the design on the flat of the blade had been engraved (steel cut away with a sharp cutting tool).

    That said, in theory, you could restore the design work by careful application of an acid resistant material and then once again subject the unprotected portions of the steel blade (namely the design which you wish to deepen) to acid.

    Naturally, this would be an extremely labor-intensive and painstaking task. To put it more plainly, you would be required to paint your resist around all of the existing design (ouch!).

    In my opinion, this operation would not be worth your time unless the design was very, very simple.

    If you do wish to try this, however, then I would suggest you go to your nearest art supply store and speak to someone about etching supplies. They will be able to sell you paint-on resists which are suitable for this purpose. They may also be able to supply you with a proper 'mordant' (another name for acid). As for a mordant, I do believe that simple hydrocloric acid should work very well for this purpose.

    If you do decide to try this, then do be careful. Wear eye protection (against the acid) and please, please, please be careful as to how you dispose of the used acid (it can eat into metal drain lines). Probably best to take it to a proper disposal site.

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