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    Default Can You Stop Cell Rot?

    I went on another of my lunchtime razor hunting trips and found so real choice pieces, i.e, Dubl Ducks, Henckels, to name a couple. However Iím concerned. One or more of them have patches of fine powdery orange-red rust. My first thought was cell rot, and so I did not purchase any as I wanted read up on what exactly celluloid rot is. From what I can find here though is that cell rot usually occurs on the part of the blade that rests between the scales when the razor is closed. Well these razors had this powdery rust on the spine, or outside of the scales, or failed to be relative to the scales in some other way. Now I have two questions before I go back to get these:

    1. Could this fine powdery orange-red rust be cell rot even though it appears independent of the scales?

    2. If celluloid rot, can you rescale a blade that has had rust from cell rot, and halt the decay? That is, if you junk the guilty scales, clean up the blade, and throw some brand new wood, horn, or acrylic scales on it, are you safe from the celluloid rot and subsequent rust? Or once touched by celluloid rot, is a blade doomed forever?

    As always, thank you all for any help.

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    cell rot is from the scales, so if you remove them, you prevent further cell rot. But your not in the clear!

    once the blade has pitting in it, there will always be teh chance that trapped moisture and/or debris will cause new rust to develop. Of course, the same hold true of every blade that has ever developed any rust at all.

    Go get those blades! But thats just my opinion.

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    It sounds as if those are not suffering from cell rot as like you know, the rust occurs the worst, closest to the scales.

    If you come across some that suffer from cel rot jus fix up the blades and rescale them and youll be good to go.

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