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    Default Wanting to learn the art of restoration

    I recently bought an antique razor that had some very small nicks in the blade. I used a fine diamond stone to slowly take out the nicks then used a very fine oil hone to polish the blade. After that I stropped it first using a jeweler's rouge then a clean strop. The results were nothing short of spectacular as it is now the sharpest, easiest shaving blade I own. I only wish I had taken before and after pictures to show. I really think I was more lucky than skilled with this particular blade.
    My question is about how to go about restoring a blade that is severely nicked. Or even if one in that shape can even be restored. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Chips can be removed by honing them out. It really depends on the chip in questions. small chips can just be worked out on a course hone like a 220 or 325 dmt. If there is a larger chip some may bread knife the blade on the side of a 220 hone until the chip the is gone. Then you have to set a new bevel from no bevel at all. Can be a lot of work. I read gsixgun had a technique to get the bevel started. You'd have to look around though. I cannot recall what he did.

    If there are cracks in the blade, it is scrap.

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    Best bet is to take a photo and post it. For bad chips I used to breadknife but a couple of times doing that convinced me to never do it again. If it is a bad one I might tape the spine and do a lot of circles. If it is really bad I might hold the spine off of the hone and do x strokes and circles. Once the chip is out go to normal bevel setting and sharpening. One consideration is whether the finished blade is going to be worth the time and labor when your done. Post a photo so people can tell you if it is too far gone to bother with.
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