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    Default Need help installing scales on razor

    I have a razor that needs a set of scales. I was thinking of ordering a set from Superior Shave. I haven't put scales on a razor so need some guidance.

    The hole for the pivot pin is a little large: I can put a coat hanger through it which is about 2.2 mm. The hole is also not round. Do I need to drill this hole out, or can I use it the way it is? I was also thinking of ordering a hex bolt with the scales, since the hole is large. Are these a good choice? I have tried to look for a video on attaching these, but assume I would peen the bolt after I cut it to length the same as a pin to keep it from turning and loosening?

    Thanks for any help and directions

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    The thread at the top of this forum says it all

    inside that thread there is a link for sleeving the holes, or you could just fill the oversize pivot hole with epoxy and re-drill or as some do just leave it be...

    There are also several threads on using the Micro-Nuts & Bolts in there

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