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Thread: Bargains are out there!

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    Anybody wondering, those razors are now for sale on Ebay, each one, individual, with decent photos. So if you ARE looking for a minty Genco or a Focus, they are out there to be had. I think the winner/seller is or was a member here.
    lucky bastid!
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    There are definitely bargains out there. You just have to be on the constant lookout for them. Personally, I find it can be worth wading through the crap on Ebay. I found my two best bargains there.

    1) In 2013 I grabbed a mid-1800s Sheffield razor dressed in genuine tortoiseshell for $16.59 shipped. Still can't believe that one.

    2) Last year I nabbed a Wade & Butcher with sterling silver scales for $39.99 shipped. The seller must not have seen the "sterling" mark, which is inside the scales, and so listed it up with a ridiculously low buy-it-now.
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    An auction site that I wont mention has some good stuff every now and then, but new razor fans have found it and so my deals are not as good as they once were. I used to get blades last year for about ten bucks each. Just last week they had a nice FBU that went for 70 bucks. Last year, I would have gotten it for 25.

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