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    Matt – As far as I know, it isn’t actually a singer, it didn’t hold the pitch for any length of time, it just made an audible twang, much like any thin piece of metal will do when plucked. I made the comparison rather sarcastically in order to highlight the violence of my brother’s plucking… If he had pulled at a downward angle, he wouldn’t have a finger print right now.

    Josh – Thank you for the offer. As far as I can tell, the edge is fine: it still passed the HHT in the area, no visible nicking or warping, and most importantly gave no problems shaving. It is a really sweet blade.

    - Michael

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    Quote Originally Posted by custommartini View Post
    Just make sure you noisily clear your throat first...

    Heck no, snuff in from the nose, then spit.

    Seriously though, we're not crazy here, it's the rest of THOSE PEOPLE THAT JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND US.
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