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Thread: Razor drag question

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    Just a simple question. How are your angles. Nothing catches an edge on whiskers like too high an angle. Before going to the balsa or any other sharpening process I'd suggest eliminating all potential prep, lather & technique contributors. If this doesn't solve the problem try the balsa. If that doesn't do it then send it out to be honed again. This time when it comes back don't strop it before you use it. That way you'll have a starting point to determine future sharpening needs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hambone13 View Post
    This reminds me of another potential issue with the razor that I forgot to ask about. Due to use and or repair the cutting edge is not flat. It's curved, a smiley if you will. With this shape when you strop the razor both ends don't really touch the strop so the sharpness along the edge must be rather inconsistent at best.
    I'm no expert, but I really don't think that your razor's smile should interfere with stropping it. After all, many quality razors are intentionally made with smiles!

    So I'm perplexed when you say that the edge isn't consistently touching the strop. If the blade is laying FLAT on the strop as it should be, I can think of only a few situations where there wouldn't be even contact:

    • There's a problem with the strop. The strop is either cupped, or the opposite (I can't recall the term). This is more likely with wider, and/or thinner strops.The strop should be flat across it's width. Try stropping with the strop laying flat on a table (near the table's edge).
    • There's a problem with the blade, i.e., the blade is bent. Try sighting down the length of the spine and edge to see if they're not straight.
    • Your stropping mechanics are causing the problem. As a newb myself, this is what I'd suspect. Scrutinize your technique, and slow down to a very methodical pace.

    There are no doubt other possibilities, but these are the ones that immediately came mind.

    Good luck, and hang in there!
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    Since you are a noob and have been learning to strop while learning to shave, I put my money on the razor is beyond what CrOx will help. Probably needs a to see a hone.
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    I keep ending up back here,
    you say a well known used razor source?
    I am going to ask:
    Well known?

    I would also find a soap you like and stick with it for a bit while you get over the hump so to speak.
    You say you have been stropping which is needed, did you do this prior to the first shave?

    The first things that come to mind for me are all of the technique issues, Angle, pressure, Prep, good Lather, Stropping......

    I know you state you pay attention to the angle but what and or how are you determining it?

    If the edge is in question I would be happy to check it out

    but I know we have some great people closer to you,

    a bit of hands on would set you much farther forward than I can from here.

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    From your description it sounds like it is still sharp enough for shaving. Try upping the strop count to the 50 to 60 mark. Most of us start out with rough shaves. We use incorrect pressure and and and get poor results and irritation. These are the 2 most important factors for the actual shave. 3 months of shaving is pretty common to get decent with a straight. Touching the blade up on the balsa wont hurt so try that just go slow and light. Good luck
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    I had the same issue for some time. True, with practice, it will be better. There is a lot to your technique. I found that with a straight, you actually have to CUT the whiskers, somewhat similarly than when you cut something with a knife. It is a completely different technique that you use with ANY OTHER kind of razor. Together with the North-South movement, you must move the straight East-West at the same time. If this sounds weird, you can try the good old North-South movement keeping the razor not horizontal, but the point pointing somewhat downwards and the heel somewhat upwards. See if this helps with the quality of your shave...

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