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Thread: Homebrew dude - new to the proper shave

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    Quote Originally Posted by Razorfeld View Post
    Big coffee mug better than stainless steel bowl for for building lather. Razor is fine. Assortment of blade lets you find the one that works for you. a large number of members shave with a DE only. Some prefer a shavette, some a SE and a lot, like me, have, possibly, one of each kind (including the crap multi blade scrappers - ya never know) and enjoy variety and switching back and forth between types. As you go you will find your niche and enjoy the heck out of it.

    Welcome to a fun forum filled with a lot of info. Don't find an answer, ask. There are plenty of answers.
    +1 I have never had much luck with metal bowls. I have had the best results raiding the kitchen cupboard for stoneware far my wife hasn't come after me for it.

    You may wish to consider splurging on quality creams, soaps and after shave lotions instead of a bowl as, IMO, these will have a greater impact on your overall shave experience.

    In any case, enjoy the fun of experimenting.


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    The Edwin Jagger razor is a good one. You made a good choice there. It's all you'll ever need in a safety razor. You can try others but you'll probably come back to the simplicity and performance of the EJ.

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    There are two questions with the brush. 1-is it quality and 2-will it perform to your liking. EJ makes great products so no issue there. Pure badger is the bottom rung for badger. It's inexpensive and usually is pretty prickly stuff. If you are ok with the feel it should do the job.
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    Lots of good advice so far, but one important bit missing --

    Shave first, homebrew afterwards!
    ---Buckner Brauhaus---
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    welcome and happy shaving.
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