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Thread: Yes, it's a lot of info here!!!

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    Default Yes, it's a lot of info here!!!

    Hi everybody!!!

    I come here everyday and Yes, it's a lot of info here!!!

    I'm considering myself a beginner even if i bought my first Straight Razor 3 years ago. It was a lot come and go between S.R. and a Mach 3, mostly because i didn't had hones, didn't knew how to hone and had no idea how to use a strop. (My first strop has a lot of nicks and cuts)

    I don't write/ask to much on SRP because i really don't need most of the times. I use a lot the SRP search button and most of the time i find a answer to my questions, if doesn't i ask on the forum.

    I really recommend all beginners like me to use and abuse the search button on the top right side of the SRP page to find the answers you need. If you can't find a answer or if is confusing, write down a thread on the forum and many will help you.

    I already got one conclusion: Straight Razors is like workout training, we must find what works best for us. The ACSM recommend 30 min of aerobic exercise 3 times a week and 3 sets of 12 reps of resistance training for the big muscle groups 3 times a week. This is one guide line (guide lines are important), but some need more and some need less. Here on the SRP is full of guide lines and is very important to have these guide lines we need that, but we must try and find our own way.

    It's my 2 cent's.

    ps: thanks to Bjørnar and Sten for the hone work of my razors.
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    I can't agree enough. The search button is seemingly one of the most underused resources on the forum.
    Regards ed.
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    Welcome to the forum. I hope your shaves are better and you get a handle on your stropping.
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    The greatest thing about the search is it pulls up all the threads to do with the keywords used. This gives answers from all angles and generally answers all the questions you didn't know you needed to know or the things you forget to ask. A great way to get a complete answer
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    The search features will give more answers then you can come up with questions. It's half the fun. Just type in something and discover

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