You need at least a 6-8k stone to get a straight edge. Compare a 4 and 8k edge under magnification, the straightness of the edge is dramatic. That is what is dragging on your skin.

The Naniwa 12k Super Stone is the Honda Accord of stones, strop on pure Chrome Oxide for a very nice shaving edge.

For film, skip the wet and dry and go to lapping film from Thor Labs, buy Aluminum Oxide, there are many threads on using lapping film and can produce a smoking edge.

Pick up 3x12 in glass tiles from Lowes for about $5 and lap flat with 320 grit wet and dry on a steel cookie sheet, it goes quickly.

.03um film is too keen for most folks and razors, not all razor can hold an edge that thin. The stria is super uniform under magnification more so than any stone.

A bullet proof budget set up is, King 1k, Norton4/8k or Naniwa 3/8 combo stone and finish on Chrome Oxide strop, a very shaveable edge. From there, a 12k or 20k, film, or high grit natural, if you want more.