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Thread: second shave

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    Default second shave

    Had a second try at the straight razor. I did as you guys suggested and the shave was MUCH better. The angle of the blade made me think it would dig right into the skin, but it glided through the beard. Only 2 nicks one very good one on left side ( right hander) and one small one.. not too bad when i thought with the angle I'd cut my cheek off in thin filets. Still a bit of razor burn though, not close to as bad as last time. The blade was very sharp and sliced through a hair easy when drawn across the edge. could my angle still be off?


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    Default 2nd shave

    sounds like you are on the right track, it will be a while before you get completely comfortable with what you are doing, and as with anything else in life, preparation is the key.

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