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    Default Travelling equipment

    I'm going backpacking in Europe for while next month and would like to get a bit of trimmed-down kit to haul around with me; lugging my hanging strop, wooden bowl with soap, brush, and brush stand will take up a lot of space in my bag, and I'd be worried about damaging the strop to boot. Does anyone have any recommendations about how to travel-size shaving gear?

    I've looked at Tony's travel paddle strops, and I'll almost certainly grab one of those if they come back into stock before I leave, so I suppose mostly I'm concerned about the brush and soap or cream.

    edit: after searching the forums a bit more I've found some good info already on here. I can't seem to find a way to delete the thread, but feel free to ignore it and let it fall off the front page.
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    I use one of Tony's paddle strops for travel and its excellent. You also might want to look at "shave sticks". That's shave soap in a plastic tube. You rub it on your face, then build the lather with a brush. QED and Mama Bear make them along with others. Very convenient for travel. Em's Place sells plastic containers that will hold a brush - I've also seen some suggest prescription drug bottles from the RX. Maybe pick up a barber's hone for touch ups? Have fun.


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