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    Default Hello all another noobie here...

    I too am now tired of paying for replacement cartridge razors and am ready to change my ways. I am, however, going to a safety razor first, THEN I will consider the straight razor and see which method I prefer ( i know...they need blade changes as well, ust doesn't hurt the pocket quitw as much).

    So, my question is the same as many others....what is a good entry level NEW straight razor ? I have just started reading the posts here to educate myself a little and will slowly continue to learn. Not in any hurry. Just started wetting my feet in the Japanese kitchen knife arena and I am enjoying that as well.

    So in an effort to spend more spare cash that I don't really have...lets see where this all goes.

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    I'm not sure what your asking but I like the Merkur HD and any simple Dovo blade.

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    First of all, WELCOME to the forum, TM!!!

    As far as a NEW straight razor, AFDavis is right on with suggesting any of the simple Dovo blades. The Dovo Special with faux tortise shell scales is often recommended. It runs less than a hundred dollars any of the vendor sites.

    As far as value, you may want to look at some of the vintage razors. You can get some wonderful shavers in this category that have lots of character and history.

    BTW, the Merkur HD is also a nice DE to start out the shaving. Later you may want to try a Merkur slant. While the slant requires a very light touch, I found it gives superlative shaves. However, don't just jump in there, some folks absolutely hate the slant razors. As with most things, YMMV and all that.

    Welcome again!

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    I agree. Since you're not in a hurry and the funds are limited, just wait until you decide you want to do it. Who knows, may be you'll love the safety razors so much that you won't even want to try straights. The only reason to purchase now may be if you expect that the prices will go up significantly (they seem to have done that by about 30% just few months ago), but that just seems a bit excessive to me.

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