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    In addition to getting the closest, smoothest shave possible, it will last significantly longer that even the best DESR shave!

    12 hours later a great straight shave, your face will feel the same or better that other types of shaves just after you got them!

    My skin feels better and healthier! I rightly or wrongly attribute it to the exfoliating nature of the straight razor.

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    13. Knowing in two days I wont have ingrown hairs making that shave painful.

    14. Be resource friendly. More natural,less packaging, reusing pre existing tools.

    My father said to me when I was first hired as a mechanic. An old tool is just as good as a new tool,except they're made better. Which he followed up with you can never go wrong by investing in good tools.
    I have tried this and have to agree.

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