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Thread: Good brand?

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    Default Good brand?

    I'm looking to get another straight razor, I currently have a Dovo, so I want a different brand. I'm curious what a good brand would be, I looked at some Thiers-Issard blades, but they seemed a bit spendy. Any suggestions for a decent but not too expensive brand? Preferably under $150 or so...

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    You could spend a whole lot less and get a great vintage blade.There are more popular brands, but most of the vintage stuff is good. A british or american (or both!) blade would go nicely against the german.

    There are some great razors out there that are not commanding any money at all, the last razor I bought cost me about $5 all said and done.

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    There is a Geneva for $60

    Here is a Boker for $35

    Here is a wondferul Shumate for $40

    Or shoot the wad here for $160.00

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    Under $150 the only decent new razors you can get are the dovo, the wapienica, the double arrow and perhaps some of the stuff on johncrowley's site.
    Thiers-Issard and Boker cost significantly more.
    There are some new grinds from old blanks that seem to show up on ebay but they seem to come from the same place that john gets his razors.
    If you opt for vintage razors you would have more options. There are a lot of brands.

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    Look through the classifieds. I'm not saying you necessarily have to buy one from there, but you can get ideas on what are good razors. The ones for sale there by our members are good razors. Our members are not going to be pushing junk as they have reputations to protect. I have a smattering of razors, some I purchased from the classifieds and some from eBay. From a Wester Bros to a Dovo. Each has its own character. I don't like one above the other. All are very nice razors.

    Rather than looking for a name brand (by the way one of my razors is a generic brand), I would think style and size of razor would be more important than the name on it. Are you looking for a Spanish point? Barbers notch? Spike point? Square point? Just a thought...

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