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    Quote Originally Posted by DarioT View Post
    Thanks. What is a chro2 ? Ok i will post the picture of this razor. In fact it looks good !
    Chromium Oxide
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    Quote Originally Posted by hi_bud_gl View Post
    will you please post picture of the razor. we can help more by seeing the blade. So far i can say be patient you will get there.
    stone is a great choose. add chro2 you should be good on that department
    There goes the pic,
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    Hi Dario,

    I never saw that razor before, hope it works.
    Honing the first razor you are going to use is not a good thing at all.

    That stone is good, U.S. favorit.
    Yes, you can use finer grits after the 8k, but you can shave out
    of the 8k. And shave well.
    For learning purposes, I suggest to work only with the stone until
    you can get a good edge from it. Then you can try different media.

    What strop are you using? Is it flat? Perhaps you are holding it with too much strenght.

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