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    Default dovo best quality

    I bought the dovo best quality with black scales luckily after finding this website and doing some research so while i spent $120 along with a 2 inch strop i think i made a good decision on spending more and getting a quality razor. I have never straight razor shaved before so i hope it comes shave ready i bought it from vintage blades llc i hope they pre hone or home there razors lol not to up to date with the lingo yet but i was hoping the 2 inch strop would be good enough to get the sharpening job done because i decided not to pay an extra 20 dollars and get the 3 inch i felt i had spent enough i hope this was not a stupid mistake please reply with any comments thank you this is my first post in your forum community i will have pictures up soon. -jason vickery

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    According to the Vintage Blades' website, all of their Dovo razors are honed by Lynn Abrams, the founder of this particular forum. You can assume that your razor is honed to perfection. If you have trouble with your razor, it ain't the razor's fault!

    The two inch strop is cheaper and is the width that has been the most common for a couple hundred years. I believe the 3" strop is a very recent innovation. You should be fine with the one you've got.

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    Hi, and welcome to the forum, I'm right up the road from you in Jacksonville. You made some good purchases. My first razor was a Dovo Bismarck from Jim and Erin over at vintagebladesllc. They are good people and as Utopian stated, your razor will come shave ready. Lynn Abrams, the founder of this forum personally sharpens all of the blades they sell, unless otherwise stated. It may take you some time to get a really good shave. Don't be discouraged, or blame the equipment. This isn't something you learn how to do overnight. This site is an excellent source of information. Check the wiki out, it's an excellent tool, and a great place to start. Most of the people here will be glad to answer you questions....

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    I use a 2 inch strop, no problems at all. You need to use an "x" pattern stroke on it (check out the wiki on stropping for more info).


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