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    Default Tips for diagonal neck ATG grips?

    My hair grows left to right on my neck (for the most part), and I've gotten pretty good (I'd like to think) at doing a WTG/XTG/ATG pass everywhere, except here. The grip just seems so awkward, stretching the skin is only partially effective right under the jowls. I think jockeys had a video on diagonal strokes. Anyone got any tips?

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    I haven't seen the video but when I go ATG I generally have the scales straight out like it was a Japaneses razor. If I am doing a diagonal stroke I might have the scales at an angle to the blade but not at a 90. Maybe 20 or 30 degrees. Wherever they are not in the way.
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    Shave your cheeks first, so the lather is removed for a good grip (the reason becomes clear in a few lines).

    -for the left part of your neck:
    use the regular backhand grip

    Move your chin forward and upward, so the skin on your neck is stretched. Now, push with the fingers of you left hand above your jaw bone. This stretches the skin below the jawbone even more and makes the wishers "attend hut". Now, using a shallow angle, move the razor upwards, with a diagonal motion form the middle of your neck in the direction of your ears. Keep the razor itself horizontal and make small strokes.

    - for the right part of your neck:
    switch hands and mirror the same motions.
    or, use the grip below, but turn your hand 180 degrees, so that the tip of the razor points the other direction, with the edge upward. (It's exactly the same grip, the picture should just be rotated 180 degrees. Unfortunately not available in the wiki.)

    This grip allows you to copy the motions to the right side of your neck, while still holding the razor in your right hand.

    If you're uncomfortable with these new motions, tape the edge on a razor and practice them a few times, just scooping lather of your face without the risk of slicing skin.

    This is what works for me. The hair on my neck spirals in all directions.

    Best regards,

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    The neck hairs were the last area for me to get BBS results. Some days, two passes and its done. Other days, this area needs a third pass as this pass is just fine tuning slightly rough spots that you are aware of, but can not easily be seen.

    My right shaves my left side better than my left hand and my left hand shaves my right side better than my right hand.

    Going south, slant the angle towards the adams apple. Going North, start just outside the neck area and slant toward the adams apple. It will feel like you are making a quarter circlular motion. Be very careful with this move and listen to your razor feedback to get the right shave line.

    Again, if I need a third pass, its just a touch up along the jawline or neck hairs and I move my head up and away form the area being shaved and I am shaving Southeast/Southwest with the blade pitched around 25% and the skin stretched a little to get the hairs to stand up as much as possble.

    As I was learning, if I didn't get this area super BBS, then I didn't worry about it and just tried a slightly different angle on the next shave until I got this area correct.

    Good Luck!


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    For tight spaces, I use a grip that was shown to me by a senior member (JoeD) though at the time he described it as a bad habit. First is the original grip I was shown, followed by how I sometimes employ it under the jaw. Second is my modification and how I use it ATG. I tried doing it "japanese style" but I prefer to not have a long handle wagging everywhere. I don't concentrate, hit something, and nick myself. I prefer these grips as they're compact and I have everything in control. I rarely ever use them though, just sometimes when the standard grip doesn't cut it.
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