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    Honing can be fun and productive as well. Wait until after you've been shaving with a straight for awhile and make sure you're going to stick with it before you spend money on hones ..... IMHO.
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    I would say dont get the hones just yet. Also i would strongly suggest if the razor isnt shave ready send it to Lynn, yes many people can hone but for a first shave send it to him get it done right then you have your benchmark. Even if you want a hone now u wont need to, at least not for a couple months. If anything u will just have to touch up your razor, and that can be done with some CrOx on a balsa strop or a barbers hone. Eventually if you want to hone your own razor ect then go for the norton 4k/8k/ combo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jes007 View Post
    i have checked out his videos on you tube do u guys think i should buy the honing stones and do it myself if need be? after all i have to learn sometime looks like fun too!
    Dude, the two first repliers to your original post advised you to skip honing for now, since newbies have a steep learning curve just to be able to shave and strop their blade.

    Other newbies: This is one of the snags of ebay - it would seem cheaper than buying from reputable source, but if you factor all the postages and possible honing IMO you could have gotten the same or better offer from a reputable seller or classifieds with smaller risk.

    Read the link Jimmy sent you. Also pay attention to prep. Softening and quality lather are essential to the shave. Get quality strop from reputable source, but don't break your bank for it - you will nick it. Don't do TNT or TPT. You can test how HHT performs, but DON'T get stuck on it. If you got the sharpie pro-honed, it's sharp enough. The shave test is all that matters.

    Anyways, good luck you your journey and I hope your first shave goes well
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    ok i see what you guys mean, have it honed right the first time, so i know how its supposed to feel, so when i have to do it myself i have a reference? How can i get a hold of Lynn? Id like to send him mine

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