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    Default cutting things with razor

    Lol, sorry morty, I forgot to mention that it was an accident. I was stropping and nicked my belt. It's a presicion thing I hope to get the hang of.

    I have read the informative links and their a big help. I think getting my razor looked at by pro will be the best move.

    Other than that I can try to play around with the techniques because I'm sure that's half of it as well.

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    +1 on the links posted by BeBerlin..

    Slicing a leather belt will take the edge back a notch or

    You need to strop it correctly and that takes practice.

    Between the above line and this I just washed the
    pots and pans from dinner thinking about what
    hint I could give to help teach a better strop technique.

    I think I would advise a smoothly rolled up newspaper.
    Sit on it and squash it down so it is oval and no more
    than four inches wide in diameter and a length of about 18 inches.

    Lay the roll of newsprint on a table and reach and set the
    back of the razor on the paper then the sharp edge.
    Pull the razor so the back/ spine leads and the sharp edge trails .
    Roll the razor over on the back changing direction and
    push again have the sharp edge follow the spine in a
    normal stropping motion.

    Do this for about two min and then take a five
    min break. Do it again for two min and relax for five.
    After 15 or 20 min or so put it up for the day.

    Yes you can lather your face and shave test it....
    Do give your hand a full five or ten min to relax
    after stropping so you have fine hand control back.

    Next day do it again, 2 min, 5 min on off slow
    deliberate even flowing strop motions.
    Again stop after 15 or 20 min and put it up
    for the day.

    Newsprint has enough 'tooth' to it that it
    may recover the edge for you. While nicking
    the newsprint will dull the razor it will not
    take a chunk out of your wallet.

    This is a roll of paper so an X is in order to cover the full
    width of the edge.

    Paper is flexible so it is easy to see pressure flex the paper.
    Stropping (and honing) need a light touch so let the weight
    of the razor do the work. There is no need for more
    than the weight of the razor.

    Smooth and deliberate maybe twenty X strokes a min
    no faster.

    It is possible to hold the roll of paper in your hand and
    set the other end on a table or counter and strop as
    if it was a hanging strop. Try this with only one or two sheets
    of newspaper rolled up. Pressure will collapse the roll...
    the weight of a razor will not.

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    Yea I really wish I hadn't cut the belt, it was a very small slice but from what I've read about razor edges that's all it takes to manipulate them. I didn't realize how EASY it is to F up the edge. I have read alot but actually doing it is something else.

    Looks like I will have to put in my time. I will use your advice and try to restore the edge with good ol manual labour.

    Now when I get my 2 sided strop do you think it would be enough to strop the razor on the back of the strop to help restore the edge somewhat? Assuming I know what I'm doing. I ordered the strop the same time as the razor, strop hasn't arrived yet.

    I appreciate your help. Seems there's no easy way to go about it. It is quite the art and the reality of it is kickin' in.
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    I nicked my strop and it still works just fine

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    thanks prez, yea I've been keeping a close eye on the blade to see if i notice any nicks. doesnt look like it

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