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    Default My first, Kind of.

    Well I did try My Iwasaki when I received it, but I need to get that honed. But I did get a shave ready Genco from the Classifieds here. I did both cheeks and my throat. My facial hair grows down my left side of my face and kind of up my right side, so the downward shave gets me XTG on my right side but WTG on the left. So I did an upward XTG on most of my left cheek, and it got the center of that cheek BBS. I chickened out when I got to my chin. Maybe next time. Problem is now I'm scared to Strop the blade as I don't want to ruin it. Guess I need to study up more on stropping.

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    You don't need to be scared. Stropping is lots of fun (at least I think so). Keep the spine on the strop at all times, a light touch, and try to do your best with each lap instead of going for speed. I found some of the Wiki videos very helpful. Hi_bud_gl has a really nice video on youtube. There was a thread about it not too long ago.....maybe someone can help me out by posting the link if they remember its whereabouts.

    Looking forward to hearing about your stropping adventure.


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    Stropping is lots of fun (at least I think so).
    I agree, stropping is fun. One of my fondest childhood memories of my grandfather was watching him strop. Man, he looked so cool... I guess that's why I'm on this forum now!

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