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    Sounds like you're coming along nice and learning really quick! Well done!

    If you do buy the Chinese 12K, then there is really not much need for your "Barber's Choice" barbers' hone. You can do your touch-ups on the C12K, it will probably be counterproductive to have finished your edge on the 12K, and then touch up with something like that.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying get rid of your barbers hone alltogether, they are nice to have in your collection, but will be more of a hone to play around with and experiment with. In the days of the barbers hone's prime, most barbers did not have the luxury of a 12K stone (money and time wise), so the old trusty barbers' hone had to do the job, IMO!


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    I did 5 strokes on the Barber's Choice hone on my other razor- (The Henckels) then stropped it. It came out even sharper than the Fromm, and gave an excellent shave this weekend. I was doing some volunteer work out at scout camp, so did my shave using hot water in a bowl, and the mirror on the side of my Jeep.

    I think this may be the kind of situation where the Barber's Choice hone comes in handy- I'll spend a couple weeks or more every summer working up at camp, and it seems like the 12k hone would be something I'll want to leave at home. However, I could easily put the Barber's hone in my dopp bag for a touchup here and there if needed.

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