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Thread: 5th shave was a sad shave

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    Quote Originally Posted by mjsorkin View Post
    I wipe the blade with my finger then rinse my finger. Never cut my finger yet!

    I'll hone the blade free if you need me to. Pm me.

    thank you for the offer but I think ill try to stick with someone in Aus (keep the cost down as I'm now an even poorer uni student from all my recent shaving aquisitions lol)

    Quote Originally Posted by Havachat45 View Post
    G'Day Nick.
    The damage doesn't look too bad.
    I have always just 'swished' the blade in the sink to remove the lather.
    The one thing I make sure of is the the spine is the only part that can make contact with the sink ie. upside down (so to speak).
    If you want to spring for return postage, I'll touch it up for you - gratis.
    I think I will definitely be using a wet sponge of towel from now on. As for your offer, I may take you up on that! I have a balsa strop with paste coming with my new poor mans strop within the next week or so and was thinking to try that and see how it fares. I read in another post were glen/gssixgun mentioned its worth a try but then also said that he has never tried without a stone.
    I also really need to stop spending all my time on everything shaving as I have assignments coming out of my ears and have literally run out of time for some of them :-S

    this may mean a few weeks break from the straight road...sigh.

    I'll be back!
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    I know how it feels, Nick - I've got 6 x assessments for my TAE waiting to be done as well.
    Whenever you are ready just PM me for my details.

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    I've read to many horror stories on hear about chips and cracks in razors from hittin the sink, taps etc when washing lather so I make a point of Turning the blade upside down so the spine touches the sink bowl then vigorous left to right motions to remove the lather, I figured that the spine of the razor having contact with the basin does no damage to the razor and it's easier to polish a scratch off the spine than re hone due to chip, one more tip as I learnt the nasty way, If you drop the razor no matter how much you love it leave it fall as it won't thank you for catching it.

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