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    Default Ridiculously shaped chin/Sticky Shave soap?

    So tonight I executed my first shave ever and I had a few issues. First I found that the shave soap on my face made the razor "stick" in places. I don't mean like it was catching on my face I mean the width of the blade would stick to my face. At that point I would obviously stop because I was going very slowly and really didn't want to bleed everywhere due to some stupid mistake. I solved this by ostensibly dry shaving which obviously lit my face up pretty good (not with cuts just razor burn, I'll get to the cuts) so how do i fix the sticky face issue w/o dry shaving? Secondly my chin has a ridiculous dimple in the middle, my mother loves it my razor on the otherhand isn't so fond. I ended up having to go all WTG on that and I couldn't even conceptualize how I would XTG or ATG on my chin because the handle kept kitting in the way or I would end up covering my eyes somehow any suggestions on XTG/ATG around the chin area I ended up with 4 cuts total all in the chin area. I also am not sure if I am putting enough pressure when I shave or when I strop is there a good rule of thumb on pressure or is that more of a trial and error type of thing? I also practiced lathering up with my brush and whatnot with my regular cartridge razor in preparation for this and my brush smells kinda weird, not bad but it definitely smells kind of like a barber shop/hair warmed by a hair dryer. I know that is a lot of stuff and hopefully someone can answer a few of those. Thanks everyone I am super pumped my first time went so well and I didn't end up with stitches in my face.

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    Hay Scooter!
    Welcome Aboard!
    I have the same type of chin, maybe not as bad as yours but still its deep! the best that I'v found is to take the thumb and forfinger and push the two side apart to make the dimple smoother, it a place to start you'll find your own on that. Also try your other hand to get the handle out of the way.
    The sticky face, I had tell I tried adding shave oil to my face, It helped slick things up pretty good, also sounds like you maybe alittle flat on your angle and to much blade surface is in contact with you skin.
    As for the stroping I'm still workimg on that myself and would hate to give bad advice here, it seems to me to be a cross between you and the type of blade your stoping at that time, I only have 6 straights and they all act differant when I stop them. All that to say I dont really know.
    Good luck! hope I helped Alittle?


    P.S were are you in Virginia?

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    Congratulations on the first shave under your belt.

    Sticky lather is usually a slight deficiency in water. Just dip your brush in some hot water and do a little more face lathering. No shame in adjusting your lather or any other technique. No need to be religious about wtg xtg atg progression, if you can manage a wtg then a atg pass will just require changing your grip maybe fold the handle to 180 degrees.

    Shave pressure should be equal to just the weight of the razor i. e. very light. Too light is easier to fix than to heavy. Stropping pressure is some what a personal opinion. I use moderate tension and slightly heavy pressure on a hanging strop. But if you are just starting, learn the motions with your strop laid on a flat surface.


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    When you strop make sure the strop is taught, not jerk it out of the wall taught, just taught enough that it doesn't sag when stropping.I use only the weight of the blade with very little pressure. It is awkward at first but in no time your muscle memory will take over. I suggest practicing with a butter knife to get the motion down and watch lots of videos. I have found that videos are priceless when it comes to learning this art. I would also suggest conditioning your beard with conditioner and letting it sit on your beard for 5 min or so before you wash it off. Use a pre shave oil of some kind. I use coconut oil and apply it to my face right before I lather. I also put one or two very small drops in the bottom of my scuttle before I start lathering. Glycerin works the same way. Im no expert but from what you described it could be your angle. I shave at 30 degrees or less depending on the razor. YOu just have to see what works for you. Keep up the good work!!

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