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    Default A Few Questions from a New User

    First of all I wanted to thank everyone for the previous adive about shaving left handed. The toothbrush method so far has worked very well.

    ok Here we go

    Question 1: I was Curious as to what members used as a Travel Razor is something like this worthy or is there some other solutions members here use without taking all their supplies with them.

    Question 2: Does anyone know anything about this stone is this worth picking up for someone learning how to sharpen a blade or should I be looking elsewhere. My intent is to gather something cheap to start with and as I improve try and move up the ladder.

    First choice

    Second choice

    Question 3: This may sound out there but do any of our members do any sort of hands on training? I guess in my mind something like a stand at a Gun or Knife show to show off skills and wares. I would love to see something like this live and show my kids as well but then again maybe I am just strange as well.

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    1) I bring an ordinary-looking straight that still shaves well (2 on longer trips) like Sprock or The Winner. I don't see a reason to use a shavette.
    2) I don't know about the first one and the second choice would only be good for ROUGH edge-work. I'd shell out the cash and get the Norton if I were you.
    3) X was kind enough to invite me over to his place and teach me how to hone and strop properly. If you post your location in your public profile, a more advanced user from your area may offer to help you.

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    1: I travel with a regular straight razor and a Tony Miller paddle strop. No compromise.

    2: Too coarse. The Norton 4k/8k combination stone can't be beat IMHO. Those stones would be good for the beginning of a big job where you need to establish the bevel shape, but for 90% of honing or more you'll want something much finer.

    3: Randydance can meet you on Skype or you can call him. PM me your phone number and I can call you at a prearranged time to answer questions if you need. Lynn sells a DVD with tons of info. I'm waiting for mine to arrive now. (Thanks Andrew)


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    I could travel with just the razor and paddle strop. For lather, it seems like the brush, mug and soap combo doesn't take up much room, but if it's a problem you can get a decent shave with canned lather. *ducks* It's nowhere near as good as with soap, but I'm living, unscarred proof that it's possible. I recommend the Nivea sensitive skin stuff, though if you are travelling by plane, it might explode all over every single thing you own. Not that I'm speaking from experience.

    I can't offer too much advice on the stone, I just got the 4k/8k, so I don't have the breadth of experience to offer advice. So many swear by it, though, that I think you can't go wrong. Worth saving for, IMO.

    Lynn's DVD is absolutely super, there are barber manuals available on this site, and the suggestion about your location has already been made.

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    When I travel I take a couple of my Stainless razors with me and I have a paddle strop I bought for travel. I usually buy a small tube of shave cream for traveling also.

    Like everyone else said buy the norton 4K/8K for honing.

    Lastly, like everyone said you can get Lynn's DVD which is super great and let us know where you are and someone closeby might be able to contact you or do an online thing with one of the guys here.
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    I showed a friend how to shave once. Helped him out a bunch. But if you're not close...I can't help you out.

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