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Thread: 8K my worst stone, or I'm my worst honer?

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    I thought for a minute I missed the news flash too onimaru55 :<0)
    Just reading this thread has me confused as to what's going on and who did what.

    @ Siguy I was just saying that if I lose my cool and hurry a razor across the stones I forget things. Like stropping before I test it. Frustration leads to confusion in a heartbeat. You start skipping steps and your technique suffers enough to make things worse not better. In my circle of friends that wrench on things we have a saying. " Never let anything mechanical know your in a hurry or mad." I think this holds true when honing, maybe times 2.
    Good judgment comes from experience, and experience....well that comes from poor judgment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mjsorkin View Post
    I've used the nani 8k and it's a very fine smooth stone which leaves a brilliant polish.
    And as I found out, soft. That's not a knock, just an observation.

    And whatever you do, don't go to the light!

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