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Thread: Aussie Mates

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    Default Aussie Mates

    i am always impressed with the general camaraderie amongst members of this forum, but never forget Aussie Mateship.
    i began shaving with a straight razor 30 years ago. SHarpened knives for longer than that and honed razors for the last 10.
    i struggled on with some chinese waterstones at first, then bought a Norton 4/8 about 7 years ago.
    Every once in a while i get stuck on a razor that takes forever to get right. This happened recently on a razor i was honing for someone. So i called Stu and he said come on down!
    Stu walked the razor through a Chosera 1K, Norton 4/8, then a 12K progression and it worked beautifully. Thanks to Stu's generosity i realised sometimes you can be limited by your tools, not necessarily by your skill.
    So i pulled the trigger on a Super Naniwa 1K and a 12K to add to my trusty Norton 4/8. i have honed a few razors now, and re-honed some of my personal ones and found that every single one now passes the hanging hair test, and more importantly, shaves smoothly. This is achieved in a much shorter time and with far less frustration. If not for Stu's generous sharing of knowledge and equipment i might never have gotten to this.
    At the razor meets in Brisbane i have found everyone who attends to be just as generous. Kinda gives you hope for the country.
    Thanks Aussie Cobbers.
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    Yeah, I find the mateship here pretty astonishing myself; I noticed it from the moment I joined. People I'd never 'spoke' to in my life before wrote post after post answering my newbie questions. One guy who stands out in my memory was Maxi, and also MickR. Those guys really took time out to help me through, but there's heaps more as well.
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    We're most certainly a Brotherhood here, and not just the Aussies, but those of us who are local to each other do seem to go out of the way to help each other out...And even those who are not so local. I have had much assistance and recieved much generosity from members all over this country, close to home and from as far away as Kalgoorlie, as well as other places worldwide since joining here.
    If I were to try to list all those that have benefitted me during my time here, I would be typing all day...Well not really. I can type reasonably fast , but you know what I mean.
    I have met many like minds here, and would love to be able to sit down and share a beer or two with many of the people here. As it is I've shared a coffee or two with just a few of you who have added joy to my life. So thank you to all those who I have not yet had the chance to meet, and that have shown your friendship and kindness to me. You blokes know who you are .


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    Here here! well shaving is a very manly brotherhoodly thing and going back to the roots of an old world ART FORM, SR shaving, brings out the best in people. It's a pleasure that you just have to share with everyone. I'm new to straight razor shaving... only done it twice I'm that new, and yet I feel obliged to tell everyone how good it is. how manly you feel when you pick up that sliver of steel capable of maiming and willingly scraping it across the surface of the skin mere millimeters from a vital arterie. This is the coolest place with the best people... the comradery is undeniable and incredible.

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