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    I tried carts and disposables on the head, but always got a ton of irritation and ingrown hairs. I started using DE to shave it last November, have not had a single ingrown hair since. I started using a straight abouit 3 weeks ago. I can get a much smoother shave with the DE at the moment, but I'm pretty sure time and technique will improve the smoothness of my straight shaves.

    Still able to get very close and comfortable with the irritation, no nicks, no ingrown hairs, and being an "every day shaveer", I don't mind a works for me...
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    I used to use cartridges and disposables (been shaving my head since 2001). When I switched to wet shaving, I started with DE's, Gillettes. Being Africa-American, razor bumps were a given, it was more about reducing the number than eliminating them. My first shave with a DE (head and face) and I was hooked. I shave my face with my SR's, but still do a single pass with my DE to head shave. More comfortable, no razor bumps in almost a year, and still get a BBS. LOL it's a whole lot easier shaving my head than shaving my face

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