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Thread: Cream or soap?

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    A couple of points to make. First, thanks for your reply.

    I'm sure it doesn't take two weeks to hone a razor, however, from a novice point-of-view, and the modern era's version of Google—finding a respectable, quality honing service/buying new quality made razors—the average turn around seems to be between one to three weeks buying a new razor, then having it honed by the seller/or seller's farmed out honing service before shipping. It's what it is. Unless you can recommend someone that's faster and is still well regarded.

    Yes, the 'Power Ball' is one of those cartridge types. It's not cheap (cost wise) either. The cartridge is only good for one head shave. Maybe for the face, one could get away with using it twice, but beyond that, I don't think it's reasonable to expect much more.

    My process works because—well—quite a bit of trial and error has gone into perfecting it. The Shave Secret oil is great stuff on its own, but I'm not fond of its smell and the almond and coconut oils cancel out the smell, and add just the right amount of viscosity when they get heated up—and the Bigalow cream doesn't melt (I often wonder why it doesn't, when everything else seems to—and whether or not that that's a good thing). What I didn't add is that the shower also has a steam generator. I already get straight razor shaves at The Art of Shaving, using pre-shaving oils and lathered soaps for my face twice a week (even if I shave my own face, I still use a brush and lather—most of the time—I've used the Bigalow shaving cream that I use for my head—for my face a couple of times in a pinch). The thing is—the people that do the straight razor shaves, no matter how hard they try, cannot recreate what I do for myself using my process. That and I just know the back of my head like I know—well—like the back of my own head. I know the direction of the grain—the nooks and crannies—pressures it takes—the speeds I can get away with, etc.

    If I shave my face using lathered specially made for shaving, shaving soaps while the steam generator is on, it doesn't last throughout the shave. And my bald head takes up more real estate than my face. That and not all pre-shave shaving oils are on an equal plane. Having said all that—shaving my head—even if using a Power Ball cartridge safety razor—in the steam, using the process that I described in a prior post—is its own level of awesome. I'm sketchy about buying a high end straight razor and shaving with it in the shower with the steam generator running, but I think it can still be done, depending on the quality of the blade and the pins—and using non organic materials for the scales. Rust seems like it might be a factor in that environment. On the other hand, if I can combine the two—using the steam—and a quality made straight razor, the juice might be worth the squeeze. Dropping a half a rack on a razor is a bit much—especially if it implies having to buy more than one on the off chance I have to send the other out for honing every couple of months.

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    Default Cream, definitely cream

    I definitely prefer soap. I typically use DVH which is readily available at Wal-Mart. Williams is also common in many drug stores but I just can't get a decent lather with it, even when adding glycerine. Just my opinion.
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    I just throw all the soaps that don't agree with my face into a 'Frankensoap' and use that. I've never had to buy anything special..
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    I think I prefer to use shave soap.
    And I believe I've found my favorite of all time.

    Henry Cavendish - "Himalaya"!!!

    This is the perfect soap for me. Not only because of the most preciously perfect scent EVER!!
    But because of the lubricative qualities the soap has and the absolute smoothness and longevity of the lather.
    It's just perfect...I don't think I'll be trying or ordering anything else.
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    I use haflingers sheep milk brand. Talk about the smoothest head ever. honestly if your hair gets a little thick, like the time I got a few nicks and waited for them to heal, just wet your scalp generously and after you have soaked the puck for a few just rub the puck all over and take your brush, don't shake too much water out, and lather up and shave on.

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